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My Journey to J. Loraine Travel

Updated: Mar 27

I am delighted to announce the launch of my new luxury travel advisory company, J. Loraine Travel. As a passionate traveler myself, there is so much I want to share with others who want to experience the wonder, excitement and joy of travel themselves.

As my focus is on how personal travel can and should be, it seems fitting that I share my own journey to where I am today.

I was a corporate and securities attorney for over twenty years. As chief legal officer of an investment bank and hedge fund firm listed on the NYSE, I found work incredibly challenging and fulfilling. But when my two kids came to high school and junior high, respectively, I realized that I needed to live my life closer to home and focused on them. So I left and started a custom dress business, volunteered more at school and committed to taking my family on at least two big trips a year, almost always internationally. As a result, by the time my kids were in college, they had both been to over 40 countries (yes, they are excellent travelers and company). It was how we bonded as a family and the experiences we shared and the memories we made are extraordinarily precious to me.

As a new empty nester, I find myself with more time and energy to devote to things I enjoy. I saw that my own social media and holiday cards were almost all a travelogue of places we visited. So many people asked me for travel advice over the years that I had dozens of detailed PDFs of my recommendations for a particular country or region.

So why not make a second (or third) career out of it? That’s where I am now, ready to fully immerse myself in both my own and others’ travel adventures. I’m affiliated with an innovative, forward-thinking agency, Fora Travel, a Virtuoso member and participant in all the elite hotel agency programs. These associations give me great amenities, exclusive offers and a vast network of resources and support for my travelers. I’ve worked with a great friend and travel advisor for years and can attest to the enormous difference it makes in the rooms you get, the service you receive, and the support you enjoy when things don’t go quite as planned.

Please reach out and let me know if I can help! The world beckons.

All my warmest wishes, Janet

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